Arthur Vint and Associates.jpg

“Best of Jazz 2016"

- The Huffington Post

"One of the most refreshing, melodic and successfully themed albums that I have heard this year comes from drummer Arthur Vint & Associates on his debut release Through the Badlands...clearly one that is highly recommended for those who love entertaining, expertly played music that straddles the seams between rock, country and jazz.” 

- The Huffington Post

“It’s one of the best amalgams of a musician’s favorite grooves, bound in one tight package. It’s probably jazz’s best hope for a future: fusion with limitless possibilities.” 


“A different kind of drummer with a different kind of jazz...A swirling delight of sounds, this set is a solid bet for the open eared that are looking to the future.” 

Midwest Record

“Arthur Vint’s fortune as a drummer was built on a keen ear for instrumental sonority, a gift for writing appealing melodies and an instinct for rhythmic pulse and pacing... a masterfully conceived album.”

- Jazz de Gama

“Rhythmic invitations to sway and sweep you off your feet... A very smart, supremely enjoyable recording.” 

Bird is the Worm

"His composing is panoramic in a sound track sense, as if Ennio Morricone breathed in all of what originally defined the spaghetti western score and exhaled the fresh music here. [A] beautifully crafted western motif."

- All About Jazz